1.6. Start of the engine from the auxiliary power supply

In case of a discharge of the rechargeable battery the engine can be started by means of auxiliary cables and the rechargeable battery of other car.

The rechargeable battery is in a luggage carrier in the right deepening.

There is a danger of a chemical burn!

Do not bend over the rechargeable battery during start by means of the auxiliary rechargeable battery.
There is a danger of explosion!

Do not work with an open flame, you do not smoke, avoid sparking near the rechargeable battery.

At the handling of the rechargeable battery observe safety measures (The section of System of a charge and start).

It is impossible to try to start the engine if the rechargeable battery froze. At first it is necessary to defreeze the rechargeable battery.

Use auxiliary cables of sufficient cross section with the isolated polar clips.

Cars should not adjoin.

Switch off everything consumers of the electric power.

At first connect plus plugs by means of a cable.

The engine of other car has to idle.

Connect an auxiliary cable negative poles of rechargeable batteries.

Start the engine.

If the engine works, turn on consumers of the electric power, for example, the fan, but not light!

Remove cables at first with negative, and then from positive poles.

Start by means of the auxiliary rechargeable battery is possible at the cold engine and the cooled-down catalyst. It is necessary to avoid, however, repeated and long attempts of start.

Start of the engine by means of the device for the accelerated charging of rechargeable batteries is not allowed.

Charging of the rechargeable battery is considered in the Head Routine maintenance.