11.4.7. Pump of the amplifier of steering



1. Extract liquid from the tank of the amplifier of steering.
2. Disconnect the intaking pipeline from the tank.
3. Pick up the giving phone, a fan casing, the ignition distributor, etc. to facilitate access to the pump, depending on engine type.
4. Take off a generator drive belt.
5. Disconnect a pulley of 41 pumps.

6. Turn off drain 30f and forcing 30i pipelines.
7. Disconnect forcing 27a and drain 27b pipelines from the "Tandem" pump (on models with automatic adjustment of level of a body).
8. Disconnect oil pipelines 27s and 27d.
9. Disconnect the pump 30. On models with 8-cylinder engines: remove the pump with a beam, then disconnect the pump from this beam.



Installation is carried out as it should be, the return to removal. Fill in liquid in the tank of the amplifier of steering.