12. Body

Sizes of apertures of a body

Body bottom sizes

The body – self-bearing with a rigid zhiznesokhranyayushchy framework, forward and back zones of the directed energopoglashchayushchy deformation. The intra door and onboard amplifiers protecting at side crashes are used.

The bottom and niches of wheels are covered with resistant protective mastic.

Body racks in front are designated as And, In and With in the text of the Management back.

Two options of execution of a body are issued: with the standard and extended wheel base (2965 and 3085 mm)

Side safety cushions over side glasses and in all doors

Overall dimensions of the car, mm

Length/Width/Height / Base / Track of wheels
Normal base
5038 / 1857 / 1444 / 2965 / 1574
The extended base
5158 / 1857 / 1444 / 3085 / 1574
Capacity of a luggage carrier, l