6.1.3. Supercharger of air

Kontruktion of the supercharger of air

50 — the Supercharger of air
50/1 — the Spiral shaft 1
50/2 — the Spiral shaft 2
50/3 — the Tooth gearing

Y2/1 — Э / the magnetic coupling of the supercharger of air
A — the Opening from absorption
B — the Opening from forcing
(from below cases)

Supercharger of air

The design and arrangement of the supercharger of the blown air with the belt drive is presented on illustrations.

Air moves in the working camera of the supercharger through an opening from (A).

Thanks to rotation and geometry of two spiral shaft (50/1, 50/2) the working camera is separated from the entering air stream. Air compresses. Thanks to further rotation compressed air through an opening In from forcing is pushed out to the intercooler.

The maximum increase in pressure makes about 1.1 atm. on M112K and about 0.8 atm. on M113K on the maximum turns of the engine.

The supercharger is brought directly from a bent shaft via the electromagnetic coupling (Y2/1) and a separate ridge belt.