8.17. Dismantling and assembly of the leading shaft with coupling by K2 and the forward block of planetary gear wheels

84 — the Internal support of coupling K1 with the integrated forward block of planetary gear wheels, 84a. Gear wheel
84b, 104, 106 — Lock rings
85 — the Persistent needle bearing
100 — the Conducting shaft with coupling of K2
101 — the Piston
101 and — the Internal epiploon of the piston

101b — the External epiploon of the piston
102, 107 — Disk springs
103 — the Spring clamp
103a — the Epiploon of a spring clamp
105 — the Block of disks

Check of a gap between a lock ring 90 and an external disk 89c

100a — the External support of coupling K2
101 — the Piston
105a — the External disk 1.8 mm thick
105b — the External disk thickness 3.5 mm thick / new is 2.8 mm
105s — the External disk 4.0 mm thick

105d — Frictional disks
106 — the Lock ring
107 — the Disk spring
"L" — the Gap



1. Disconnect the transmission case from the hydrotransformer case.
2. Remove couplings of K1, K2 and KZ.
3. Take a lock ring 84b from an internal support of coupling K1 84 and remove a gear wheel 84a.
4. Remove the leading shaft with coupling K2 100.
5. Remove the needle persistent bearing 85.
6. Remove a lock ring 106 from an external support of coupling K2.
7. Remove the block of disks 105.
8. Remove a disk spring 107.

9. Establish a stripper 076 on a spring clamp 103 and press on it until the lock ring 104 is not released.

10. Remove a lock ring 104.
11. Remove a disk spring 102 and take the piston 101 of an external support.



Assembly is carried out as it should be, the return to dismantling. Check a gap between a lock ring 106 and an external disk 105c.
The size of gaps in coupling of K2 is specified in the table. Adjust a gap by means of a lock ring 106. Thickness of a lock ring: 2.3, 2.6, 2.9, 3.2, 3.5 and 3.8 mm.