8.3. Removal and the AT installation with the hydrotransformer

Automatic transmission

4 — the Drain stopper of the pallet
9 — the Drain stopper of the hydrotransformer
26 — I Will corrode conductings
33 — the gear shifting Lever
46 — the grounding Tire
49 — the Oil pipeline
61 — Maslozalivnaya a tube
62 — the Guard

63 — Draft of gear shifting
64 — the Back arm of fastening of an exhaust pipe
65 — an engine Arm with a support
66 — the Driveshaft
80 — the Cable of inclusion of blocking at the parking
81 — a hydrotransformer Cover
94 — the Exhaust pipe
95 — the Bolt



1. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
2. Pick up the maslozalivny phone 61 from the engine.
3. Turn off a drain stopper 4 of the pallet of transmission and merge gearbox oil.
4. Turn off a drain stopper 9 of the hydrotransformer and merge gearbox oil.
5. Remove a guard 62 and disconnect the 13-contact socket 26.
6. Disconnect a cable of the 80th inclusion of blocking at the parking.
7. Turn off bolts of the 95th fastening of the hydrotransformer to a drive plate. Then uncover the hydrotransformer 81.
8. Turn off the left and right oil pipelines 49 from the oil heater.
9. Remove draft of gear shifting 63, having disconnected for this purpose a clamp.
10. Remove an arm 64 fastenings of an exhaust pipe.
11. Disconnect final system 94.
12. Remove a fan casing from a radiator.
13. Turn off a back arm of the engine with a support 65.
14. Unscrew the driveshaft 66.
15. Disconnect a connection wire on "weight" 46 from transmission.
16. Turn off bolts of fastening of transmission to the block of cylinders and remove it down at an angle.
17. Remove the hydrotransformer.



Installation is carried out as it should be, the return to removal.