9.3.4. Determination of thickness of adjusting laying and its installation in the reducer case


1. Fix the indicator on a clamp and establish a measuring plate (address an accompanying illustration).

2. Install in "0" indicator with a 3-mm tightness on a measuring disk 051. Height of a measuring disk 051 is regulated.

3. Establish an external ring of the roller bearing 46b on an internal ring of the leading gear wheel 47 and establish a magnetic disk 052c.

4. Insert the leading gear wheel into a measuring plate and measure height of the leading gear wheel with the conic roller bearing and a magnetic disk.
5. Define a difference between vysty "B1" and height "In". Write down the received value (for example, 1.79 mm).

6. Read the main deviation "and" the leading gear wheel ("+" or "—") and write down it (for example, +0.06 mm).

7. Depending on a prefix ("+" or "—") value for the leading gear wheel is plused (if "+") or taken away (if "-").

8. Insert the measuring instrument of 051 b into the reducer case. Screw it.

9. Insert left 052e outside inside and right 052d from within outside measuring rings into the reducer case against the stop.

10. Install the measuring device 052a with a measuring finger in the measuring device 052. The measuring finger is rolled in a measuring detail 052b.

11. Install a measuring detail 052b in the measuring device and install the indicator in "0" with a 2-mm tightness. Tightening a bolt, the indicator has to be in "0".

12. Insert the measuring device into the left opening in the reducer case.

13. Measure distance "And" between the regulator and the forward party of the measuring instrument and write down indications with positive ("+") or negative ("—") the direction (for example, it is received - 0.01 mm and the negative direction). The positive or negative direction depends on rotation of the indicator. The direction of rotation, from neutral situation, counterclockwise defines the negative direction, clockwise - the positive direction.

051b — the Measuring instrument
A1 — Distance between the regulator and the forward party of the measuring instrument
B1 — measuring instrument Height
M — the Center of a gear wheel

14. Determine laying thickness:
The distance between height of "B1" and height "In" = 1.79 mm + the Main deviation "and" the leading gear wheel of 0.06 mm = 1.85 mm + the Difference of "A1" between the regulator and the forward party of the measuring instrument of 0.01 mm = Thickness of laying is 1.86 mm.
15. Remove the measuring device and measuring rings from a reducer. Remove the measuring instrument. Insert laying of a certain thickness into a reducer.